Surah 36 «Ya Sin», Ayah 3

Verse 3 of Surah Ya Sin (36:3) with Arabic text, transcription, and translation.

إِنَّكَ لَمِنَ ٱلۡمُرۡسَلِينَ ٣
'Innaka Lamina Al-Mursalīna

Sahih International

Indeed you, [O Muhammad], are from among the messengers,

Abdul Haleem

you [Muhammad] are truly one of the mes-sengers sent

Mohsin Khan/Hilali

Truly, you (O Muhammad SAW) are one of the Messengers,

Taqi Usmani

You are truly one of the messengers of Allah,


Lo! thou art of those sent


Thou art indeed one of the messengers,