Surah 95 «At Tin», Ayah 7

Verse 7 of Surah At Tin (95:7) with Arabic text, transcription, and translation.

فَمَا يُكَذِّبُكَ بَعۡدُ بِٱلدِّينِ ٧
Famā Yukadhdhibuka Ba`du Bid-Dīni

Sahih International

So what yet causes you to deny the Recompense?

Abdul Haleem

they will have an unfailing reward. After this, what makes you [man] deny the Judgement?

Mohsin Khan/Hilali

Then what (or who) causes you (O disbelievers) to deny the Recompense (i.e. Day of Resurrection)?

Taqi Usmani

So, what can make you, after all this, to deny the Requital?


So who henceforth will give the lie to thee about the judgment?


Then what can, after this, contradict thee, as to the judgment (to come)?