Surah 37 «As Saffat», Ayah 49

Verse 49 of Surah As Saffat (37:49) with Arabic text, transcription, and translation.

كَأَنَّهُنَّ بَيۡضٞ مَّكۡنُونٞ ٤٩
Ka'annahunna Bayđun Maknūnun

Sahih International

As if they were [delicate] eggs, well-protected.

Abdul Haleem

like protected eggs.

Mohsin Khan/Hilali

(Delicate and pure) as if they were (hidden) eggs (well) preserved.

Taqi Usmani

as if they were eggs hidden (under feathers, protected from pollution).


(Pure) as they were hidden eggs (of the ostrich).


As if they were (delicate) eggs closely guarded.