Surah 16 «An Nahl», Ayah 55

Verse 55 of Surah An Nahl (16:55) with Arabic text, transcription, and translation.

لِيَكۡفُرُواْ بِمَآ ءَاتَيۡنَٰهُمۡۚ فَتَمَتَّعُواْ فَسَوۡفَ تَعۡلَمُونَ ٥٥
Liyakfurū Bimā 'Ātaynāhum  ۚ  Fatamatta`ū  ۖ  Fasawfa Ta`lamūna

Sahih International

So they will deny what We have given them. Then enjoy yourselves, for you are going to know.

Abdul Haleem

Let them show ingratitude for the favours We have shown them; ‘Enjoy your brief time- soon you will know.’

Mohsin Khan/Hilali

So (as a result of that) they deny (with ungratefulness) that (Allah's Favours) which We have bestowed on them! Then enjoy yourselves (your short stay), but you will come to know (with regrets).

Taqi Usmani

Thus, they deny what We have given to them. Well, enjoy yourself (for some time), and soon you will come to know (the fate of your misdeeds).


So as to deny that which We have given them. Then enjoy life (while ye may), for ye will come to know.


(As if) to show their ingratitude for the favours we have bestowed on them! then enjoy (your brief day): but soon will ye know (your folly)!