Surah 89 «Al Fajr», Ayah 5

Verse 5 of Surah Al Fajr (89:5) with Arabic text, transcription, and translation.

هَلۡ فِي ذَٰلِكَ قَسَمٞ لِّذِي حِجۡرٍ ٥
Hal Fī Dhālika Qasamun Lidhī Ĥijrin

Sahih International

Is there [not] in [all] that an oath [sufficient] for one of perception?

Abdul Haleem

is this oath strong enough for a rational person?

Mohsin Khan/Hilali

There is indeed in them (the above oaths) sufficient proofs for men of understanding (and that, they should avoid all kinds of sins and disbeliefs, etc.)!

Taqi Usmani

-Is there (not) in such an oath (enough assurance) for a man of sense?-


There surely is an oath for thinking man.


Is there (not) in these an adjuration (or evidence) for those who understand?